5.7 If I Saw You in a Movie

March 12, 2019

Featuring: Gerald (Two Peas on a Podcast), Lainey (Do You Even Podcast?), Siana (Two Girls on a Bench)

Tonight we're sharing our favorite songs from actors who tried their hands at music (to varying degrees of success).

This week's playlist:

Party All The Time by Eddie Murphy (Siana)
City of Stars by Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone (Gerald)
West Coast by Coconut Records (Josh)
Please Mr. Jailer by Nancy & Beth (Lainey)
Song of the Night by David Hasselhoff (Siana)
Maybe It's Time by Bradley Cooper (Gerald)
She's Not Me by Jenny Lewis (Josh)
Stay Awhile by She + Him (Lainey)

Listen to the playlist at